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Published : 01 Aug, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  •  After the admissions in Delhi University, what most outstation students as well as those residing in areas far from the campus are looking for is an accommodation in the hostels. While some of you would have already booked your stay in hostels for the ensuing academic years, others would still be in line to do so.
        In order to make the move to a new place an easy process, here is some advice and checklist from the seniors in the hostels of Delhi University that newcomers should keep in mind while packing their luggage.
    Terecy Mingthoujam, third year student, Miranda House hostel, advises girls to keep it simple. She says, “The hostels of Delhi University provide most of the essential items that you will require. So girls coming to stay in the hostels should move in with their basic stuff.”
        Furniture: Don’t bother about bed, mattress, study-table, chair, cupboard, curtains, etc. The hostel provides these. But bedsheets, pillows with covers, blankets or quilts have to be your own.
        Laundry Service: Don’t worry about washing and ironing your clothes either. Every hostel has a laundry service. But, if girls wish to wash their clothes on their own, they can bring a little stock of washing powder and soap. There
    are stores nearby where they can buy the washing powder and soap.
        Toiletries: You need to bring your own basic stuff like toothpaste, toothbrush, cream, shampoos, oil, etc. Once over, they can be bought from shops near the campus. You need to bring your own buckets and mugs though.
        Electric Appliances: Most college hostels do not allow usage of any electric appliances in the hostels. So, getting electric kettles, maggiecookers or boilers has to be avoided.
        Hunger Management: Students can bring a good stock of food items from home or outside, like biscuits, chips, namkeen, etc, and have whenever hungry. In the Miranda House hostel, every year, each fresher, for a week, is assigned a duty of selling eatables like maggie, sandwich, juices, chocolate, biscuits, which they buy and stock in their rooms. Whenever any student feels hungry at odd hours, they can go to the fresher and buy food from the individual. This service remains open from 10 pm to 1 am every day.
        Stationery: Girls should not forget to bring their own stationery too.
        Timings and Night-outs: Wardens are generally very strict about timings. So, you should remember to enter the hostel on time. Nightouts are allowed with prior permission.
    Dipak Chalakkal, third year student, St Stephen’s College hostel, advises boys to be relaxed, without any worry. He says, “Hostel life is one phase which a student cherishes all his life. Freshers need not be scared of seniors, rather be comfortable and talk freely. This will help the juniors be at ease.”
        Basic Needs: The hostels provide everything, except bed-sheets, pillows and blankets and the covers, which have to be yours. And of course, you have to get your own clothes.
        Why Wash: The hostels provides laundry service too. So, boys should not overload themselves with washing powders or an iron.
        Essential items: A toothbrush, comb and soap — that’s it. Your essentials are done. Rest of the stuff can be bought from shops outside.
        Gadgets: Though hostels do not allow large electrical appliances, an electric kettle and laptops would pose no problem.
        Food: Boys are free to get as much food from home as possible. What they should remember, though, is to always share it. If they hide it, they will lose friends. Apart from this, at St Stephen’s campus, there are two joints — college cafeteria and science dhaba, which remain open till 12 am. Boys can have food there whenever they are hungry. These places sell burgers, kebabs, maggie, egg dishes, chips, soft drinks and much more.
        Entertainment: St Stephen’s hostel has a Junior Combination Room (JCR), which has two TVs, two table-tennis sets and two carrom boards open to boys 24/7, besides a basketball court and a football ground.
        Timings: The timing for boys to enter the campus is generally 10 pm, but there are no timings inside the room. > TIPS
    Share home-food
    Relax and socialise
    Get bed-sheets, pillows with covers, blankets and quilts

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