Has education lost its heart?-Admission Jankari
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Has education lost its heart?

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Published : 05 Feb, 2013 By: Admission Jankari
  • I read an article "Has education lost its heart?" on the internet. While reading the article, many occurrences of pain expressed either through words or through weeping eyes or through a choked voice over phone started appearing one by one in mind which we felt/heard during the counseling session of AdmissionJankari.com. 

    I would like to narrate just one story out of several occurrence experienced by AdmissionJankari.com counseling team. There was this girl, accompanied by her parents visited our Delhi office to discuss about her career choice. Her mother and she entered the counseling room while father waited outside. 
    First argument from her mother was "Sir, she did not study well. Scored really poor in her exams and very low rank in competitive. As a result of which we parents are to suffer. We had to run from Dehradun to Delhi and this is really frustrating." The moment she stopped saying the above lines, the girl eyes became watery. She could have cried any moment. It was then when I requested her mother to let the counseling team and the child interact in beginning and then we would address both parents. 
    When I asked "What happened child?", she broke down and said "Sir, I never wanted to become engineer. I never liked maths and was more interested in fashion designing. It was my parents pressure accelerated from the surrounding relatives whose children were mostly doctors and engineers that I had to forcibly take up engineering entrance examination." The innocence words was forcing me to move the magic wand once in air and let her go back to the time when she would have been allowed to take her up the field of her choice. But, unfortunately neither I was not possessing any wand nor I was a magician. 
    The team then interacted with her parents and they were not getting convinced with the argument that yes, there is good career prospect in fashion technology as well. Their biggest concern  "What we would tell to the family members and friends. We have already boasted that she did quiet well in her competitive which she did not. We are to hide the truth." This wasn't surprising because instead of making right decisions on ourselves we depend on affirmation by the society be it a wrong one. 
    Now just feel, will she be able to enjoy her career in engineering if she never wanted to be one? More importantly, will she become a good engineer? 
    There are lakhs of engineers graduating in India every year but still India is falling heavily short of engineers. Reason, not all engineers are engineers but a mere degree holders resulting in poor employment graph of the country. The statistics goes more or less the same with MBA graduates. 
    The pressure imposed on the young mind sometimes become fatal when we read about the unfortunate suicide cases committed by the students because they also unfortunately grew in an environment where one is bothered thinking more "What others will say?" than "Let's explore the other options". Our education system is equally responsible for the same. Instead of promoting most of the prospective careers which one can excel taking different subjects, everywhere there is a news mostly about IITs, IIMs or medical colleges. 
    Time for all of us to re-evaluate and that is why AdmissionJankari.com says "Let's create a knowledgeable nation" because we feel most of us in spite of being educated acts otherwise resulting in poor execution of nurturing a young mind.  

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