Head of BSE Institute Ltd. talks of new management trends-Admission Jankari
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Head of BSE Institute Ltd. talks of new management trends

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Published : 26 Dec, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Here is an interview of Ambarish Dutta, the head of BSE Institute Ltd. where he talks about the new trends of management and the different courses in alignment with it. The interview is taken while he was in town in order to sign an MOU with the Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management. Other than BSE Institute Ltd., Dutta has also worked with companies like       Reliance Retail, and Boston Education and Software Technologies Ltd. Dutta is a pass out of Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kolkata.

    What is MBA in financial markets?

    MBA in financial markets is all about creating best financial managers in India. The financial markets help in building up the savings of an economy. This course is all about helping students in getting sound knowledge of commodity, money, capital, and derivatives market.

    What is the difference between MBA in finance and MBA in financial markets?

    Finance is a larger and a broader term whereas, financial market focus on a particular area which relates to capital, money and derivatives market. Students studying financial markets are taught bond mathematics and securitys law, things which finance students do not learn. MBA in financial markets is more specialised and therefore different from mainstream finance.

    Why is this specialized training required?

    Since the global environment of the financial markets is getting quite complex, there is an increased demand for professionals, operators, brokers, traders, employees of the banking, insurance and other financial institutions in the industry, including compliance professionals. Thus, it makes it necessary for the candidates to know the products and the markets and the mathematics behind it.

    What are the recent trends in management studies?

    These days management institutes look for experiential learning. The students, looking at the present day scenario, should no longer stick to only books. That is why; the industry people have started teaching and training students to be better managers. Networking and learning are consequential in this age.

    A post-graduate diploma in stock markets has been launched recently in collaboration with IGNOU by BSE. What knowledge gap is being addressed through this course?

    Retail participation in the equity markets in India is currently very low because of the general lack of awareness of the markets. Inspite of the fact that investment in equity is providing better returns than any other asset class like property, gold and fixed deposits, we have not seen corresponding increase in retail participation in the equity markets. We are trying to address this knowledge gap by building a band of aware investors and trained market professionals.

    What are the future plans of BSE Institute Ltd.?

    We plan to launch high quality programmes like Islamic finance and financial engineering. A large number of courses will be available with a more industrial approach to them. Right now were also organising road shows where we can meet finance students and understand their needs.

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