Heritage education for youth important, say educators-Admission Jankari
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Heritage education for youth important, say educators

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Published : 20 Apr, 2013 By: Admission Jankari
  •  Educating youngsters about heritage and culture is as important as awareness about other issues, said educators and heritage conservationists here Thursday on the occasion of the World Heritage Day.

    "They are our future generations. They are the ones who will be the thinkers and decision makers...heritage education is important," said Devi Kar, director, Modern High School for Girls, during the screening of documentary films made by school students on heritage at the Victoria Memorial.

    Organized by Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH), in collaboration with Victoria Memorial, the screening of the documentaries was part of World Heritage Day celebration.

    The day celebrates the diversity of heritage throughout the world, with this year's theme being 'Heritage of Education'.

    According to INTACH state convener G.M. Kapur, educating teachers about heritage also went a long way as it helped disseminate the knowledge to students.

    "We had the gurukul system of education where knowledge was passed down from teacher to student. So educating teachers is a big step. We organize workshops for teachers and have heritage clubs as well. We have to do it in a modern way," Kapur said.

    Kar said that technology could be used to generate awareness and teach children about heritage.

    She also stressed the need to highlight "interdependence of cultures".

    "We cannot divide culture. Its all interdependent. They have to be aware of their own culture and culture of others. There should be awareness about interdependence of cultures," Kar added.

    The educator emphasized on "revising our attitude" regarding colonial buildings.

    "Revise our attitude towards colonial buildings...too many beautiful colonial buildings are being defaced. Get over the attitude that colonial buildings remind us about our time under the British. Appreciate them for their beauty," she said.

    Source: IANS


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