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How to Prepare well for 12th board examinations

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Published : 16 Oct, 2014 By: By AdmissionJankari
  • Examinations have always been a cause of stress for students. Students easily come down under peer pressure for performing well in examination. Here is providing some tips which one should start practicing before appearing in board exams will surely help a lot to many students who wish to be successful in their future with great result & to be in competitive or merit list for colleges cut off.

    Maintain a proper timetable:

    Prepare a proper timetable for your entire session. Divide your time for every activity. The time table should be followed in such a manner that your maximum time is devoted for studies instead of wasting it here and there. Allot proper time for your sleep, sleep early and wake up early next morning Take out some time for activities which interests you most such as playing, watching TV or listening music. This helps you to refresh yourself. Rationalize your time equally for each subject. Do not spend too much time on a particular subject and do not neglect another one.

    Don’t learn too many things at a time:

    Your target should be to cover a particular topic of a subject in 1 day. Do not try to over learn as this will lead to confusion. Focus on concept building instead of quantity. You can select one or two topics from 2-3 subjects everyday and finish them thoroughly. Too many thoughts leads you nowhere during examination.

    Study Smartly:

    Smartly here does not mean that you skip the topics. Here it refers to your efficiency. Do not waste your entire day in solving a single difficult problem. If you get stuck up in some question, move ahead and solve the next one. Plan your study well. Increase your study hours gradually. First solve the easy questions and then move to difficult ones.

    Evaluate yourself by solving model test papers:

    Practice makes a man perfect. Practice last 10 year question papers, model test papers. Practicing model test papers in real time situations not only makes you familiar with the paper pattern but also makes you confident. You get to know different ways in which questions can be asked and also raises doubts which you could not have come across while studying that chapter. So practice, practice and practice.

    Meditation and Exercise:

    You should also devote some time for meditation and exercises to keep you fit. Meditation helps in improving your concentration and gives you mental peace. Sitting continuously for 12-14 hours daily during studying disturbs our digestive system so we should do some simple exercises and take breaks at regular intervals.

    How to prepare if you have not performed well in your prelims:

    Prelims are meant to test your preparation. After prelims, you still have time to work hard and improve yourself for final examination.
    It helps you to know your weak areas and work upon them. Manage your studies by solving both easy as well difficult questions.
    Take sectional tests for the areas which you find difficult. This helps you in gaining confidence on those topics.

    How to prepare if you have performed well in prelims:

    Do not be over confident, it will spoil your whole year preparation. You are still to perform in your final show. You can get motivated by your performance and improve yourself further on regular basis. Keep revising what you have studied. Do not neglect a topic on which you hold command. Solve sample papers in a real time situation and evaluate yourself.

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