How to decide which is the right b-school for you?-Admission Jankari
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How to decide which is the right b-school for you?

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Published : 22 Dec, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Set up a goal: Setting up a goal is very important at the first place for MBA aspirants. You must decide for yourself that what you want from yourself, what is your goal and how will a management degree help you to achieve that. If you go into an MBA programme you must have a goal there also that what are those skills that you want to get equipped with when MBA will get over. Setting a goal always helps a lot in making a career.

    Once the goal is decided, the next step is to identify the people and subjects that will lead you towards your goal. The faculty always plays an important role. You must do some research regarding faculty by going on to particular college websites. Try and find out those who can help better in reaching the identified goals and inspire maximum exposure with their experience and associations. To talk about subjects, they are same in almost every institute. However, the specialisations like entrepreneurship, retail, media, international business, etc, might make a difference.

    Now comes the learning methodology of an institute. In this fast changing era of technology, new and innovative ways of learning are very important. So do a research on that mainly by talking to the ex-students and currently studying students of a particular college, understanding the kind of workshops held (check on the website), scope of collaborative learning, exchange programmes and exposure of the college in extra-curricular activities, among others.

    Participation and contribution of the faculty in research talks about continuous upgradation in literature and methodologies. You can search about it again on a particular college websites under faculty or publication tab. This will give you an insight that which faculty is more enriched.

    Finally, you must always check the long-term vision of the director of the institute. The long-term vision of the institute should match your long-term vision. If this happens only then you with your mentor can create a success story together.

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