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How to manage your time in studies?

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Published : 15 Oct, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Today, with the ongoing competition and the burden of studies with a lot of course to study, one of the main problems that a student faces is how to manage time in a short span of time with a lot of stuff to study. Managing time is a very crucial exercise that you need to do if you wish you score good marks in examinations.

    There are many reasons for it. Management of your study time makes your studies systematic and the systematic approach towards anything increases the chances of success. Bulk studies are never successful because so many lessons studied at the same time without any strategy and targets in mind are not easily comprehensible.

    Thus, it is very important for you to organize your time efficiently and effectively so that you can make out the best results out of the most limited time available to you. Here, I am providing you with some of the ways with which your time management will become better.

    ·         Make an easy time-table
    The problem with most of the students when they make a time-table for themselves is that they set the targets which are almost impossible for them to achieve. Due to this, they are not able to follow their time-tables after a day or two. You should never do that. To start with, make an easy time- table for yourself which you think you can follow easily. Even if you study for one hour daily initially, it does not matter. What matters for you is to come in a proper routine. So even if you study for one hour, make that one hour of study a routine of your life. Once you get adapted in this routine, increase your hours of study or targets to achieve.

    ·         Make yourself comfortable
    The second thing you should do after making a time-table is make yourself comfortable. Allot yourself a place according to your comfort which is distracted from all sorts of disturbances. Have good healthy food, keep a water bottle with you in your room and then sit and study in a focused manner.

    ·          Set your priorities
    There are always certain chapters in your subject which are more important as compared to others. So the next thing you should do is set your priorities of chapters in a way that which chapter needs to be done at first place and which needs to be done at a later stage. Working according to the priorities will reduce a lot of pressure from you as your most important tasks, which can make you score better will get over first.

    ·         Make a habit of reviewing and revising
    Lastly, it is very important for you to make a habit of reviewing and revising. This is because the revision of lessons already done by you helps you in retaining the lessons for a longer period of time. Thus, before starting a new chapter, always revise the earlier chapter. Other than retaining for a longer period of time, revision also makes your concepts more clear than before. Thus, always review and revise your chapters.

    In the conclusion, if you follow these points sincerely, you will certainly improve your time management which will further improve your performance in examinations.

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