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How to overcome the fear of examinations?

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Published : 13 Oct, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Has it ever happened with you that you woke up at midnight suddenly because you dreamt of failing in the examination? Or you forgot everything about the subject a night before your examination? Or you are not able to sleep at all because of the fears and anxieties of your examination? If yes, then there is a high time for you to overcome this fear of examinations as it can prove disastrous to your career.

    Yes, fear for exams can certainly be disastrous for your career. There are many reasons for it. Fear makes you under-confident and makes you forget everything due to which your performance deteriorates inspite of the fact that you know everything. Fear is never good for exams. It further spoils your performance. Thus, there is a need for you to overcome this disastrous fear of exams. Here are some of the ways which can help you in achieving this.

    Take it easy

    The most important thing you have to learn if you want to come out of your habit of fearing is to take things easily and lightly. It is very important for you to take things lightly. It’s okay if you did not do well in your exams. It does not matter. You can always cover up next time. Tension is not the solution to it. Success and failures are a part of life. If today failure has come then tomorrow success will come. So it’s absolutely fine if you have failed this time just start preparing for next time.

            Believe on yourself
    Your belief on yourself is very important if you wish to come out of your fear of examinations. Have confidence on yourself, believe yourself and then see the magic you create. A confident person has the capability of scoring well in exams even if that person is not prepared well. The reason is just one, he/she believes on himself/herself. Tell yourself again and again that you can do this and you will do this no matter how difficult it is. A person who has adequate confidence tends to be successful faster and sooner. But always be careful that your confidence should not become your over-confidence.

            Do breathing exercises
    There is a tendency of students getting nervous just before the examination starts. In that case or otherwise whenever you feel scared of the exams or their results just have a glass of water and do some breathing exercises. If you do not know breathing exercises, simply take deep breaths for sometime and you will be sorted.

            Prepare thoroughly
    Always try and prepare thoroughly for examinations. Make proper time-tables and work accordingly. Even if you are not able to follow your time-table completely, try to achieve atleast 70% or 80% of it but do make a time-table and always have a strategy in mind. Proper time-table and strategy will help you in preparing thoroughly for your examinations. This thorough preparation will automatically reduce your tension, anxiety and fear of exams.

    In the conclusion, it is very important for you to overcome your fear of examinations as fear can
    be proved disastrous for your career. If you follow these points sincerely, it will not only help you to overcome your fear but would also help you at every step of your life when you will go and work in some organization.

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