IIT JEE Paper went Bad Do not worry its not the end-Admission Jankari
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IIT JEE Paper went Bad Do not worry its not the end

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Published : 27 Apr, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • This article is especially for those whose JEE paper went bad and are not expecting anything from it.

    I know you all have passed through different sorts of emotions on JEE day. It must be a breathtaking (and may be heart breaking) experience for you which no Mock IIT JEE exam (in your coaching institutes) can ever match. The real competition !!

    Some of you must have done extremely well, some performed average, some couldn’t give their best performance etc. If you look around, talk to your friends etc. there are all sorts of stories about JEE exam. Some people are saying the paper was difficult, some comment about a particular Subject and so on. There is no end to this discussion.

    NOW Forget JEE exam : JEE exam is a past now. Whatever was your performance in the exam, its over now. I know it is very difficult to forget the thought that you could have done better. It is same for everybody even JEE toppers.

    Please don’t keep lingering with the good/bad/poor performance. Move on. It is the time to show your strength and courage. You should be happy that you have experienced a real time examination and this will help you to build your temperament for the upcoming exams.

    Plan your next milestones : You must prepare yourself for your next milestones (other Entrance exam) and the second most important after JEE is definitely AIEEE. You should have a look at the syllabus of your upcoming exams like AIEEE, VITEEE, ISAT, BITSAT etc. and check whether their syllabus has something extra (which JEE didn’t have). If yes, prepare for those topics. My experience tells me that NCERT books are very powerful tool for the exams other than JEE (and of course for JEE as well). Believe me, you must be feeling lighter now after JEE exam is over and after your experience, it is not hard to crack them. JEE has always been a hard nut to crack. It is not because it is a tough one but because it is the first exam. You can do very good in these exams and look forward for good departments in very good colleges (if in the worst case, you couldn’t do any good in JEE or don’t expect your rank in JEE). I know a lot of people who did their Engineering from institutes other than The IITs and they are doing very good in corporate world.

    In whatever coaching institutes you have studied, some of them do offer mock tests (or they generally launch test series) for these exams or you can even buy a 10 year exam books available in market as well. The idea is to keep up the momentum. We should not be lethargic at this moment. This time is very crucial for our future and especially for those who didn’t well in JEE. Many people take exams other than JEE in a very negative manner. They think that they don’t deserve to be in them but that’s the attitude problem.

    Practice one 3 hour test paper and one 3 hour sitting every day. So, now even if you study for 6 hours a day (everyday), it will be more than enough.

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