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IIT admits to slips in JEE papers, changes answer keys

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Published : 15 Jun, 2015 By: AdmissionJnakari
  • Offering relief to aspirants, IIT has adjusted its answer keys for the physics and mathematics papers of the joint selection test (JEE).

    This is the first occasion when that IIT-JEE has freely yielded blunders and made remedies in its distributed answer keys. This happened because of the headings of Delhi high court in a PIL. The HC in its request of May 2014 had coordinated JEE to get protests in the answer keys from partners.

    In physics, in its first answer key announced last Monday, IIT had said the right response for question 12 is either choice C or D. Rather, it ought to have said C and D. As it worked out, aspirants who checked either C or D got full four marks, while aspirants who stamped both C and D as right got just -2. The adjusted answer key has included C and D additionally as right reply. The checking plan for this inquiry is: 4 marks if the bubble(s) comparing to all the right option(s) is (are) obscured; zero maarks if none of the air pocket is obscured; -2 in every different cas.

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