IIT exempts girls of the entrance test fee and raises burden on boys-Admission Jankari
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IIT exempts girls of the entrance test fee and raises burden on boys

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Published : 27 Aug, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • IIT joint admission board (JAB) in a bid to encourage girls to appear in IIT’s joint entrance examination (JEE) took a decision on Friday exempting IIT-JEE girl candidates of application fee. However, the burden on boy candidates have increased as their application fee gas been raised from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 1,800. The decision will be implemented from next year.

    Some more decisions regarding IIT-JEE have been taken like from 2012; applicants would also be allowed to carry a copy of optic response sheet on which answers are inscribed immediately after the examination. Also, answers can be circled by pen, instead of pencil as is being done now. 

    IITs had started some reforms in small measures from last year like answers were put out by the JAB before the results came out. However, it was done 35 days after the test. Also, the scanned copies of optic response sheet of candidates were put on JAB website after the result. However, 30 errors were also pointed out later.

    IITs have been ordered to introduce more reforms by the Supreme Court (SC) as SC has set aside the Delhi High Court order (HC) which dismissed a PIL by Rajiv Kumar of IIT-Kharagpur. Kumar, in his PIL had demanded that JAB should release model answers along with solutions immediately after the examination. He also wanted an investigation into the irregularities, tampering and fraud in the conduct of JEE and in granting admissions in IITs. Also, Kumar had wished of setting up of an independent committee where experts would prescribe a system that could determine the subject-cutoffs and also look into other discrepancies and irregularities.

    Earlier, HC had dismissed Kumar’s PIL saying that he does not have the locus standi to demand reforms in JEE. However, an SC bench comprising Justice G S Singhvi, last week, said, “The High Court was not justified in non-suiting the appellant on the ground of lack of locus without even adverting to the averments made by him that he was a professor in the Indian Institute of Technology- Kharagpur, that his son and daughter had appeared in the Joint Entrance Examinations conducted in 2006 and 2010 respectively and that he was interested in ensuring that the Joint Entrance Examination is conducted in a transparent and fair manner so that meritorious students may not suffer."  The matter has since gone back to Delhi HC.

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