IIT student comes up with the Eco friendly Charger-Admission Jankari
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IIT student comes up with the Eco friendly Charger

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Published : 25 Apr, 2012 By: Admission Jankari


    “The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas” and this saying is proved right by an IIT student who invented a charger which is eco friendly and it runs on kinetic energy. It can also be used to charge your mobile where there are no electric points available. One can charge their mobile while moving because the charger generates the electricity while you move by placing them on your knees.

    A first year student of Master of Designing, Gulmohar Khan came up with this idea and he has planned this device in a form of pen. The internal mechanism of this device is already ready and it can generate a current of 5 volts which is sufficient to generate electricity to charge your mobiles. Technically this device is very useful as it can help you to charge your mobile while moving. It was considered as the best idea in the fest at IIT Delhi.

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