Importance of Presentation Skills-Admission Jankari
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Importance of Presentation Skills

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Published : 04 Nov, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • In today’s education era, presentations are conducted in almost every institute of higher education, particularly in B-schools and even at a later stage when you go for jobs. Many students, although how good they are at studying are not able to give their presentations properly and consequently, loose marks which affects their aggregate marks. Thus, in today’s competitive era it is very important for you to have proper presentation skills. Moreover, having presentation skills help you not only in your career but in your life as a whole as good presentations are needed at every step whether you are doing some professional work or household work; whether you are an employee of a company or chairman of a company.

    It happens many times that many students and even the high level managers of reputed companies get scared as soon as they are asked to give a presentation. The major reason behind this is that when you give a presentation you get exposed to the judgment of the audience and the thought of this frightens you. Due to this fear you are not able to give presentation properly and then suffer at a later stage by losing an important deal in the company or scoring low marks in examination. However, here I am giving you some of the suggestions which can help you in improving your presentation skills in a major way.

    • Have complete knowledge about the subject
      Your first and foremost task, if you wish to give a good presentation is to acquire complete knowledge about the subject of which you are going to give the presentation. This will serve two purposes. First, you will not have any problem while speaking as you will have complete knowledge about it and secondly, it will undoubtedly make you appear more confident which takes us to our second point.
    • Be confident

    To feel a little nervous before the presentation is absolutely natural and okay. But you should always know how to keep your nervousness in control and to be confident as without the adequate confidence you can spoil your whole presentation. So try and be confident. Tell yourself that you are the best and you can do this. Take some deep breaths and have a glass of water to calm yourself and go for it. Believe on yourself and you will certainly succeed.

    • Concentrate on your body language
      The one area on which many people forget to concentrate is the body language. Just remember that when you give your presentation it’s not only your words which portray the meaning but also your style of speaking and body language portrays the meaning to the audience. So while giving the presentation always stand straight and confront your audience confidently by looking into their eyes. Do not deliver your words too fast as the audience might not understand what you are trying to say and also never be too slow as the audience might get bored. Thus, always deliver your words calmly with proper body language.
    • Concentrate on your attire
      Whenever you go for a presentation always try and wear formal clothes and dress smartly. The reason for this is that your attire makes the first impression on your audience and as it is popularly known, ‘first impression is the last impression.’

    In the conclusion, in today’s competitive world, it is very important for you to have presentation skills as you need to give presentations in every sphere of life, personal or professional. If you follow these suggestions sincerely, it will certainly help you in improving your presentation skills to a great extent.

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