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Importance of a faculty and an institute

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Published : 11 Aug, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • In today’s competitive world a student carries a lot of burden on his/her shoulders. The burden of school and tuitions and afterwards, selecting a right course and a right college creates a hell lot of problem for a student. The decision of making a right choice of a course and an institute is not easy for a student. But the question arises which is more important, the course or the institute?


    When it comes to the career of a student, ‘interest’ is the most important thing which determines the growth and prosperity of a student. A student always excels in a field where his/her interest lies. A student’s interest in a particular field helps a student to take his/her work as enjoyment rather than a burden. A student works hard in his/her interest area and thus tends to prosper at a higher speed. Therefore, taking admission in a low-grade institute where a student gets his/her interested field is more worthy rather than taking admission in a college with a “brand” where a student would take his/her work as a burden.


    If we talk about the faculty of the low-ranked colleges, it is very significant to say that it is the ‘talent’ and ‘knowledge’ of a student that matters the most. There have been examples in the past when a talented child from a government school has prospered more than a student of a good school. Similarly, a student who passes out from an average college with adequate talent and passion to succeed tends to prosper more rather than a pass out of some college with a “brand” name attached. It is the will of a student which makes a difference and not the faculty.


    We are living in an era where ‘knowledge’ matters to a great extent. For a student it is knowledge gained that is significant in the long run rather than going with the brand alone. Knowledge can be acquired anywhere, it’s just that the student should have the will to acquire it.


    To conclude, when it comes to the future of a student a low-ranked college can be good for a student because it is the ‘interest’, ‘talent’, ‘knowledge’ and ‘will’ of a student that matters the most in the long run rather than the brand of a college. 

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