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Improve your communication skills

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Published : 23 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • In today’s era of globalization, it is very important to have good communication skills. A person without adequate communication skills is not seen with respect in today’s time. These days many students are rejected in Group Discussions and Personal Interviews (GDPI) even if they score fairly well in their written examinations just because they have bad communication skills. Therefore, there is a need for you to excel in communication skills.


    To excel in communication skills is not an easy task, especially when you have to excel in a foreign language. This is certainly the major reason why most of the Indians have bad communication skills because they need to excel in a language which is not their mother tongue. Consequently, some people lack in verbal communication, some in written communication and some in both. Here, I am providing you with some of the ways which would help you in improving your communication skills.


    ·         Be determined
    Communication skills cannot be excelled until and unless you are determined to learn them efficiently and also implement them effectively because there is no use of learning them if you are not able to apply and implement them.


    ·         Use simple vocabulary
    One of the problems that seems to be emerging in students these days is that many students try to use very tough words while they are communicating verbally or in written. This approach towards communication is inaccurate. You should always use simple words which are understandable by people and should not try to show-off.


    ·         Develop a habit of writing
    One of the best ways for effective communication skills is to develop a habit of writing. You should do free writing atleast for 1 hour every day. This would not only help you to improve your grammatical errors but would also help you to develop a flow of writing. Start writing anything which interests you like ‘what are your hobbies’ or any film review, etc.


    ·         Develop a habit of reading
    Develop your habit of reading because a good reader is always a good writer and a good reader and a writer always tends to be a good speaker. Read anything that interests you whether it is a sports column of a newspaper or any novel. It will not only enhance your communication skills but will also enhance your knowledge.


    ·         Check your grammatical errors
    One other major problem with students is their weak grammar. There is a tendency of students making errors generally in tenses and wrong sentence structure. Many books are available in market which can be proved fruitful in improving your grammar.


    In the conclusion, these are the certain ways which can help you in improving your communication skills. If you desire to get into some of the prestigious institutes of India, good communication skills is the area that you need to surmount.

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