In India the whole is less than the parts Do we lack in team spirit-Admission Jankari
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In India the whole is less than the parts Do we lack in team spirit

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Published : 18 Aug, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • It is a well known fact that ‘team spirit is an easy way to success.’ Team work reduces individual burden and makes work much easier.  It is usually said that India lacks team spirit. This statement can be viewed from two angles. In a larger perspective, India does contain team spirit and shows it immensely whenever it is required.  


    The most recent instance of team spirit shown by India is ‘India’s fight against corruption’. The way the whole nation has emerged in these recent days show the real essence of team spirit where every Indian seemed to be one. India’s spirit to fight against corruption has put the government in trouble. The credit certainly goes to the leader, Anna Hazare. The most important element which constitutes team spirit is good leadership. Building effective team spirit requires leaders to be exuberant and energetic. This is exactly how Anna Hazare is and has tried to filled the same amount of exuberance in people.


    Now, if we talk about how organizations work in India, it would not be wrong to say that somewhere or the other these organizations do lack in team spirit. Here, every individual wants to climb the ladder individually failing to understand that it is the team effort which takes a person ahead faster. Companies, these days, are making efforts on their part to develop team spirit among people. The best way to develop team spirit is to appoint a good manager or leader. A good leader fills the right team spirit among people and serves as a mentor to them. A good manager keeps the employees satisfied which tend to take the organization ahead.


    To conclude, the statement ‘In India, the whole is less than the parts- Do we lack in team spirit’ is not completely correct. While India has shown her tremendous team spirit in the recent social issue of corruption; India is yet to understand that the same team spirit is required at the petty level too.

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