India on top 5 MBA destinations now among all B-Schools-Admission Jankari
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India on top 5 MBA destinations now among all B-Schools

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Published : 08 Apr, 2015 By: AdmissionJankari
  • Good news for Indian B-schools, as the nation comes among the top preferred favored study destinations around the world, in front of nations like Hong Kong, Germany, Singapore, Netherlands and Australia.

    Also, a new study uncovered that amid the choice making procedure for determination of B-school criteria, quality of faculty, job placement, programme type and fee structure matter more than the rankings for aspiring management graduates.

    As per the study by Graduate Management Admission Council which conducts the GMAT for admission to 6,100 graduate business and management programs around the world, rankings don't offer in top five eligibility criteria for really selecting a program and a study destination.

    The number of B-school aspirants looking to study outside their nation of citizenship has increased from 40% in 2010 to 52%. India highlights among the main five destinations, while the pioneer's (the US), prevalence diminished from 73% of imminent students in 2010 to 66% in 2014. (66%) of imminent candidates over the globe, however, still lean toward the US, followed by the UK (6%), Canada (5%), France (3%), India (3%), Hong Kong (2%), Germany (2%), Singapore (2%), Netherlands (2%) and Australia (1%).

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