Indo-US look for greater partnerships in higher education-Admission Jankari
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Indo-US look for greater partnerships in higher education

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Published : 17 Oct, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • The first ever, India-United States education summit started at Georgetown University in Washington on Thursday. The Union Minister for Human Resource Development, Kapil Sibal and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, started the summit.                


    One of the major issues that will be discussed during the summit is the starting of the partnership of US universities with Indian universities under the aegis of India’s Foreign Educational Institutions (Regulations of Entry and Operations) Bill.


    Sibal, while addressing the delegates talked about ramping up the supply of higher education in India in the coming years. He said:


     “India’s Gross Enrolment Ratio was around 15 per cent, increasing that proportion to 30 per cent by 2020 would require India to provide for opportunities in higher education for an additional thirty million children. To do that, we will need to build an additional 1000 universities and 50,000 colleges. To serve these institutions, we will require quality faculty of over a million assisted by quality support structures.”


    However, according to Clinton, “The Singh-Obama Knowledge Initiative provides $10 million for increased university partnership and junior faculty development.” However, Clinton also talked about Tri- Valley University Scam, where the career of many Indian students was left blurred due to the allegations of visa fraud against the university. She said that US was taking steps to stop such fraudulent universities from reaching India.


    “The U.S. had expanded its Education USA advising services for Indian students and their families to provide information about opportunities for study and to help you sort out misleading offers that come over the internet, and we know flood into homes across India, giving young Indian students the idea that a certain approach will work for them when, in fact, it is a dead end. We don’t want to see that happen,” said, Clinton.


    However, in this expected scenario of increased Indo-US partnership, one major question which arises is that will the top reputed universities invest in the educational opportunities in India as the Indian Foreign Educational Bill prevents them from taking back any profits that they get from such ventures.


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