Influence of Parenting Style on Mental Health of School Pupils-Admission Jankari
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Influence of Parenting Style on Mental Health of School Pupils

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Published : 16 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • These days, it has become normal to see school students in a state of depression or sorrow. For children, it is very important to be mentally fit, with their physical health. But it has become a phenomenon these days to see school pupils in mentally unhealthy state. The situation is really awful and the most relevant reason for it is parents and their parenting style. Now, let us analyze in detail how the parenting style affects the mental growth of the children.


    One of the most important reasons of increasing rates of dreary condition of school children is lack of adequate love, care and time of their parents. These days, parents are so busy in earning the best livelihood for themselves and their children that they forget the basic requirement of children, that is, love. This lack of love results in making school pupils feels lonely. This sense of lonliness creates a state of detachment from environment in school pupils and children start being in depression.


    The psychology of school pupils at this age dwells into what one wants to create. Many parents these days create burden of studies on their children. Sometimes the burden exceeds so much that many students try to commit suicide. According to a survey, Kerala has the highest literacy rate as compared to other states of India and also the highest rate of bad physical and mental health of people. Also, the suicide cases of adolescents are rising. At an age where these juveniles should enjoy their life, parents load them with burdens of school, study and life. This creates a negative effect on their mental growth and the symptoms like feeling low, mood swings, and lack of proper diet start coming in. The little children start being into tension and depression and as told above, sometimes this depression exceeds so much that school pupils try and commit suicide.


    Thus, we see how parenting style influences the mental health of school pupils. Now let us discuss in brief what should be done to make children mentally healthy. The first and foremost things which adolescents require are love, compassion and care. Little children are innocent souls and should be given time to enjoy their innocence. They should not be loaded with burden of life but with burden of love. The children full of love are the children full of life and children full of life can never be mentally unhealthy.


    To conclude, parenting style has a major influence on the mental health of school pupils. While lack of love, care and time devoid them of being happy in life; little care and little time of their parents fills in them the joy of life. Little children should not be loaded with burdens of life. They need compassion which does not allow them to go into depression.

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