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Innovate and Educate

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Published : 26 Dec, 2010 By: Admission Jankari
  • At a time when technology is constantly evolving, how important is it to adopt newer methods of teaching?

    To derive maximum benefits of technology, it is very important to develop and adopt newer methods of teaching that are in sync with the latest technology. The continuous improvement in pedagogy using innovative methods would make learning more interesting and fruitful.

    How can one overcome academic barriers with the help of technology?
    It is quite simple to understand that the world has become academically more sound after the use of Internet. Academic barriers have been removed by it. The latest innovations and information in any discipline spreads like wild fire throughout the globe in a very short span of time through the use of Internet. In fact, huge explosion of knowledge has taken place with the invention of Internet.

    What is your take on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in higher education?
    The government should welcome FDI in higher education to make best quality higher education available to the student community. But yes, proper scrutiny and monitoring of foreign players needs to be done in order to protect the integrity of the country.

    There is a huge gap between demand and supply of skilled manpower in the country. What can be done to bridge this gap?

    The gap between demand and supply of educated/ skilled manpower in the country is due to the lop-sided and defective policy framework and impediments created by the regulatory bodies. The regulatory bodies should operate as facilitators for spreading education to the masses of the country so that the professionally trained manpower may be produced in requisite numbers in order to bridge the gap between demand and supply thereof. The Public Private Partnerships (PPP) concept should be promoted since the government cannot fund the entire educational needs of the country.

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