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International MBA programmes

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Published : 14 Feb, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Indian students nowadays prefer to have two to three years of work experience before opting for an MBA programme. The work experience, it is believed, makes it easier to learn management concepts and helps students to relate theory to management practices. However, there are aspirants who want to pursue an MBA, while working

    With this in mind, Jaro Education, based in Mumbai, in collaboration with the United Business Institute (UBI), Belgium, a European business school, has introduced International MBA and Executive International MBA programmes to suit the various requirements of students, working professionals and others.

    The International MBA programme is designed to equip candidates with knowledge of domestic as well as international management areas. Also, it aims to offer insight into an international business culture and environment.
    As part of the programme, senior industry experts share their industry experiences. During guest lectures, students not only acquire business knowledge from CEOs, VPs/GMs, but also get an opportunity to interact with executives from different industries and functions.

    As far as accreditations are concerned, UBI and Jaro Education are accredited by the European Association for International Education (EAIE), United States Distance Learning Association ( USDLA) and Accreditation Services for Certifying Bodies Europe Ltd (ASCB)-Europe.

    One of the strengths of the international MBA programme offered by Jaro Education is that the International Master in Business Administration degree awarded by United Business Institutes, Belgium, Europe is recognised worldwide. The fee (Rs 45,000) for the one-year International MBA programme is inclusive of online lectures with installments or bank loan facility. An extra fee of Rs 12,000 is charged for weekend classes. The online lectures and examination offer flexible options to students. Also, the programme includes international subjects commonly taught in the US, UK and Australia. For a thorough understanding of management concepts, Personal Contact Programmes (PCP) lectures are provided on weekends for students who are enrolled for the lectures. Before exams, students can clarify their doubts online with the faculty members.

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