Interview regarding changes to Australias student visa requirement-Admission Jankari
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Interview regarding changes to Australias student visa requirement

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Published : 26 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • The vice-chancellor and pro vice-chancellor (International), namely, Fred Hilmer and Jennie Lang of UNSW, Australia, talked to Tirna Ray regarding the changes to Australias student visa requirements that has been announced just recently.

    When Hilmer and Lang asked that how does she think that the changes to Australias student visa requirements will facilitate better scopes for international students, Ray replied, “The reform of student visas for university students is a welcome step.  The effect of these reforms will provide Australian universities with a significant competitive advantage internationally. It will be less onerous and much easier for students to undertake a university degree at any level. Many students who previously were unable to contemplate studying at highly ranked Australian universities will now have the opportunity to do so.” She also welcomed the fact that the students from India will be treated the same way as other foreign students from Canada, US, UK, etc.

    The other question that was asked by Hilmer and Lang was, “Under the new arrangements, how are students enrolled in courses at the level of Bachelors degree or higher going to be treated?”

    To this, Ray replied, “The visa processing time will have significantly improved, thus allowing students more time to apply, arrange enrolment and accommodation. Not only will they be eligible to undertake a full degree but they will have the opportunity to remain in Australia to gain valuable international work experience and build professional networks for the future. Graduates with a Bachelors degree will be able to work up to two years. Those with a postgraduate degree will have the opportunity to work for three years and those with a PhD for four years. This will give students a significant advantage in obtaining practical work experience, as well as time to gain globally recognised professional qualifications. Consequently, students have the opportunity for a complete study experience when they choose Australia as their destination of choice.”

    On being asked about how will the changes create less burden on students, Ray said that since Indian students will now be graded at the highest assessment level, the amount of up-front funds required will be reduced by up to AUD $36,000.

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