Is corruption necessary to achieve success?-Admission Jankari
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Is corruption necessary to achieve success?

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Published : 07 Oct, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Corruption! It is one word of which Indians have become used to in the past one year. In the past one or two years the kinds of scandals that have appeared in India are both shocking and shameful. The debates are on these days where some people think that corruption is necessary to achieve success. However, the statement is entirely wrong. Success has no relation with corruption.

    But before presenting my arguments, I would like to ask a question, ‘what is corruption?’ Corruption, literally means, ‘fraudulent or dishonest conduct by those in power, typically involves bribery.’ It can also be defined as ‘the use of public assets for private use.’ Today, the corruption in India has increased so much that it’s chewing up both the system and society of our country.

    Now, seen broadly, success has no relation with corruption for the simple reason that the success of one is related to other’s failure. If we the scams of the recent times, whether it is commonwealth games scam or 2G scam or Adarsh Housing Society scam, though it was related to the success of some individuals yet it was the failure of our country on the whole. No country can ever achieve success on the basis of corruption. On the contrary, a country with the least rate of corruption tends to develop and grow faster. For instance countries like Denmark, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore which are the least corrupted countries of the world are more developed than India because unlike India they do not have the barrier of corruption.

    If we talk about the corruption at the level of common man, here also corruption is not at all necessary for one’s success. If it was so then the people of the least corrupted countries of the world again, would not have been richer than the people of India. Also, in India there are and have been many people who are very wealthy just on the basis of pure hardwork. Corruption never brings in success. It can never bring in success, it just brings dishonesty, guilt, pain associated with guilt, shame and suffering of society as a whole.

    According to the statistics available, India has suffered many huge losses because of the recent scams. Of all the losses the biggest loss that India has suffered is of 2G scam that is of Rs. 1, 76, 000 crores. Other than that CWG scam is mounting to Rs. 8, 000 crores while the cash for vote scandal is mounting to Rs. 4, 000 crore approximately. The statistics are certainly shocking and shameful. This corruption is one of the major reasons of poverty in India and needs to be stopped otherwise our economy will never be able to recover from these losses.

    To conclude, corruption is not at all necessary for success. Infact, there is no relation between corruption and success. Corruption does not bring in success for a person but shame, guilt and pain associated with guilt. Corruption is not a reason of success but a major reason of the prevailing poverty in India.

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