Is the huge emphasis on MBA the emphasis on BIG money?-Admission Jankari
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Is the huge emphasis on MBA the emphasis on BIG money?

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Published : 03 Oct, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • For the past few years, the growing emphasis on Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programme is tremendous. Today, there is a huge demand for MBAs everywhere. Students are opting for MBA after graduation in any field, starting from B.A to B.Tech. This huge emphasis on MBA and huge rush towards management schools is really a rush for ‘big’ money.

    Today, we live in a globalised world. Because of this globalilsation there are many Multi-National companies (MNCs) which are getting opened in India. This has increased the demand for MBAs in the market. With the increasing demand the companies are also offering high salaries to students. This is one of the major reasons of the increasing inclination of students towards MBA.

    Also, in today’s competitive era, one cannot earn much just on the basis of graduation. Therefore, students generally opt to do masters. In masters, students generally opt for MBA rather than their particular field in which they had completed their graduation as MBA gives them much higher returns. Today, if a student invests Rs. 5, 00, 000 in his/her MBA, he/she tends to get much higher package than this few years after the completion of MBA. Thus, this is a fact that most of the students pursue MBA in order to grab this opportunity of higher monthly salaries.

    But with this increased emphasis on B-schools, there also arises a problem. As the competition in the field of management is tremendous, the relevance of reputed B-Schools like IIMs has increased even more. Seeing the competition in the market it is very relevant for you to pursue management programme from a good and reputed college as passing from the low-grade colleges would not give you as better results as passing from a good institute. The reason for this is today every second person in the market is an MBA.

    Though it is your excellence in a particular field that matters more in your success rather than institute yet in case of MBA you need to be very cautious while selecting a college for yourself as here the salary of a person generally depends on the reputation of the institute. This is the case when you are competing with your counterpart. But as compared to a person of some other field, a person with an MBA degree generally earns more as the overall scope of MBA is quite broad.

    To conclude, this huge emphasis on MBA is certainly the huge emphasis on BIG money. Generally students opt for MBA programme as it has wider scope in terms of money. The scope in this field is relatively more as with the era of globalization many MNCs are being opened in India which require managers to handle their work. So as compared to the students of any other field the packages of management students are higher. But seeing the tremendous competition in this field it is very important for a student to be cautious while selecting the college.

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