Jamias stern message on attendance as new session begins-Admission Jankari
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Jamias stern message on attendance as new session begins

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Published : 19 Jul, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Jamia has made its attendance norms even more tough. From now on, students require a minimum of 80% attendance in the respective semester or year to be eligible to appear for exams. Till the last academic session, the minimum attendance required was 75% and a grace of 15% given to those suffering from serious illness or accident cases.

    Kickstarting the new academic session, the university opened its doors to students on Monday. As per an ordinance passed by the Jamia administration, which is to be placed in the forthcoming executive council meet, the university has made 80% attendance the minimum eligibility criteria for students to sit for exams. Moreover, the grace percentage in case of serious illness has been reduced to 10%. The university has also listed a group of hospitals and health centres from where the students have to get medical certificates in case they seek the 10% relaxation.

    "The university has been plagued by absenteeism in the recent years. We expect our students to be serious about studies, hence the decision. After studying the attendance pattern we realized that serious students attend over 90% of the classes. Intensive academic practice and co-related activities is what we would like to see in the campus. It is a simple philosophy – if the students have not studied, how will they sit for the exams?" said vice-chancellor of the varsity, Najeeb Jung.

    Earlier this year the university debarred 212 students across departments from taking their final exams because they were short on attendance. The university also wrote to the Medical Council of India for an inquiry against 12 doctors who allegedly issued fake medical certificates to the students. Following this, a group of students sought relief from Delhi high court, but their petition was quashed.

    "Students have to get certificates from the hospitals mentioned in the ordinance. In case a student falls sick in Meerut, then he/she has to submit the relevant documents at the university health centre for verification," said Jung. The university has also asked the teachers to lead by example and ensure that classes are conducted regularly. "Teachers have to take up the responsibility as well," added Jung.

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