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Published : 18 Jul, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • My foray into Spanish was to merely prove a point. A sports fanatic, my decision to pursue the language was a result of the Spanish team being knocked out of the World Cup in 2006. I was dismayed and decided to learn the language of my favourite football team. I started Spanish classes at Ranade Institute and then, as the languages further enthralled me, I graduated to the third and last level. That qualified me for a BA in Spanish. My parents were amazed that an emotional release would lead me to explore a language in such depth. I have also passed the highest level of examination, the DELE from Instituto Cervantes in Spain and I topped all three years of learning the language at the institute.
        Considering that I already knew a considerable amount of Spanish literature and culture, I felt confident enough to broaden my linguistic skills to learn another language. I chose German as my second language of choice as my basics of the language were cemented during my last years of schooling. I pursued a BA in German from Fergusson College and simultaneously went to the Max Mueller Bhavan in Pune to pick up more of the language skills. After finishing my two levels at Max Mueller, I decided to apply for the DAAD scholarship offered at Max Mueller. I am one of the lucky students selected for the trip to Germany, granted on getting the scholarship.
        Due to my sufficient knowledge of both languages, I do a lot of freelance work that I get from various institutes, primarily involving translation and interpretation. My first major assignment was when I was given an opportunity to teach a certificate course in Spanish at the New Arts College in Ahmednagar, a collaboration of Ahmednagar and Pune universities.
        The sky is the limit when a person is fluent in foreign languages. A wide range of jobs from interpretation, translation and teaching to sub-titling for company brochures are on offer. Study of Comparative Literature is one of the courses that a student can pursue abroad, which I realised I could do after my MA and PhD. There are many institutes in the city offering a wide variety of language course and job opportunities like teaching as well. Learning these languages has provided me with knowledge of the literature of two countries.

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