La Trobe University to open its office in Delhi soon-Admission Jankari
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La Trobe University to open its office in Delhi soon

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Published : 08 Dec, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • A delegation of senior academicians from La Trobe University, Australia led by Professor John Rosenberg visited Lady Shri Ram (LSR) College on Monday. The delegation visited India on the occasion of 15 years of partnership.

    Dr Kanika Khandelwal who is the Convenor of International Programmes gave a presentation on the journey of partnership of the institutes and also shared the experiences of the students who have been part of this exchange partnership.

    According to Dr Meenakshi Gopinath, principal of LSR, “It was a truly magical collaboration that has given LSR the self-confidence that we did have something to offer when Professor Robin Jeffrey approached her for a possible exchange partnership between the two institutions." Julia Gillard, the Prime Minister of Australia, when visited LSR, impressed the students with her charisma and political astuteness. Many LSR students who had studied at La Trobe expressed that this was not the Australia they had known (during the problem faced by Indian students in Australia in 2009).

    ” With regard to charting a vision for the future faculty exchanges, short term internships and mutual sharing should be the way forward,” said Gopinath. Afterwards, Rosenberg said, “when La Trobe University opened on March 8, 1967, it had the study of India as one of its agenda and therefore the university library has a huge collection of books on India.”

    He further continued, “We have wonderful people on both sides who are taking this exchange forward. The strength of La Trobe is Humanities and they are now looking for newer relationships in Biotechnology.” Rosenberg also shared good news with all the people that La Trobe is opening its new office in New Delhi now.

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