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Last minute revision

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Published : 01 Mar, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • AS far as last-minute revision is concerned, students should try and be thorough with the NCERT text. There are certain mistakes that students usually make, so it is important that they pay special attention to those. Looking at new notes, topics or books at this point is not advisable. 

    Instead of panicking, students should catch up on their sleep and relax. On the day of the exam, eating a light breakfast is advisable. Before leaving home, one must carefully check the essentials, which include pens, pencils and most importantly, the admit card. Considering Delhi traffic, it is imperative that students leave early, so that they have a relaxed time margin. 

    Every student feels comfortable in a different way before the exam. Some kill the stress by talking to classmates, while some don’t. Students should take deep breaths to avoid stress before entering the examination hall. While in the hall, students should be positive and not think about the topics that they have not covered. They should deliberately make efforts to calm themselves down and not panic if they see someone taking extra examination sheets. 

    Once the question paper is distributed, the time should be utilised efficiently. It is important that students go through the questions carefully and understand the terminology of the question. For example, if a question requires one to ‘explain,’ students need to give a detailed answer. They must stick to the word limit and put down their thoughts in points. Also, while answering a question, it is advisable that students answer questions of the same section at one go, so that the examiner doesn’t get confused. 

    On a concluding note, students should try and be relaxed and give their best in the exams.

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