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Learn Smart For AIEEE Preparation

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Published : 17 Mar, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • AIEEE is All India Engineering entrance Examination. This entrance test is executed after the XII-boards. Many ace Engineering schools give a combined Engineering test to the aspiring candidates. These candidates prepare hard for almost two long years to achieve their goal in the first attempt.

    AIEEE is tough but it needs the aspiring candidates to prepare smart and get the bet results as per their capability. When students are done with the X-boards, then they tend to get relaxed with time. They are not aware that the most rigorous time is yet to come. The next two years should be devoted to smart learning program for better future. The student should prepare well, should be disciplined enough to take advantage of the best opportunity available to them.

    The students have two major types of preparation-schedule – namely regular coaching and distant learning. Both these coaching modules have their respective pros and cons. The students should analyze the pros and cons of both the modules as regards the qualities and capabilities present in them and then opt for one, most suitable for them.

    Regular Coaching: Updates about everything on daily basis. Students get lectures daily and can interact with the instructors’ for difficulties. Regular coaching is associated with regular tests and regular gradation to get the accurate result of coaching.

    Students study in group so they are distracted many a times. Students try to pull you down in case you are amongst the highest scorers in class. Students who learn well amongst the crowd of people should opt for regular learning program.

    Distant learning: This is more like self-studies where student is supplied with daily study-material which is updated from time to time. All the reading material is as per syllabus. CDS are provided with lectures from well-known Instructors. They make the student understand each and every subject and attempt the tests for regular grading. All the test papers are duly checked so that the student knows about each and every strength and weakness.

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