Maharashtra D Ed students dont get teacher posts-Admission Jankari
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Maharashtra D Ed students dont get teacher posts

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Published : 09 Jul, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Now diploma in education (D.Ed) trained teachers from Karnataka will join Bhandara zilla parishad (ZP) middle schools at a time when thousands of D.Ed students from the district with more than 70% marks are still to get jobs. In the merit list prepared for recruitment of middle school teachers by Bhandara ZP education department, the students from Karnataka at top of it.

    Bhandara ZP education department had given recruitment advertisements in newspapers for middle school teachers with D.Ed as a must as it is a basic qualification. Online facility was available to fill up the forms.

    ZP education department received 18 thousand filled application forms for the post teachers across 47 middle schools. After scrutinising 4, 000 applications were rejected and 14, 000 valid applications survived, from this a merit list was prepared and published.

    Surprisingly first 150 candidates found place in merit list, 28 candidates possessing D.Ed from Karnataka and most of them are from Bidar and some from Nanded in Maharashtra.

    Candidates possessing D.Ed from colleges in Maharashtra have not been given place on merit list because they are having only 72% marks in D.Ed examination and those from Karnataka are having more than 80 to 85% marks so they could secure place in merit list

    As per principal SB Dabare of Kandri D.Ed college in Maharashtra students are given mark-list in final year with the marks secured in theory papers. Their marks in practical examination are not included in final year mark list.

    On the contrary, in Karnataka final year students who pass D. Ed examination are given mark-list with marks secured in theory papers as well as in practical examination, so their percentage of marks is more than 80-85%.

    As a result students from Maharashtrian lag behind and this system helps Kannadiga D.Ed students a lot. On this basis they have secured places on merit list. If this goes on then D.Ed students from Maharashtra won't get teacher jobs at schools under Bhandara zilla parishad .

    Dr Ulahas Burade who has raised the problem of Marathi D. Ed students says that there shall be a common entrance test for the present recruitment of middle school teachers, local deserving students shall be given weightage while recruiting teachers.

    Similarly project affected persons (PAPs), handicapped candidates shall be given priority, there are 3 seats reserved for PAPs and 2 seats for earthquake affected persons. But, Bhandara never experienced earthquake and it is not in seismic zone , still two seats are reserved for earthquake affected persons.

    Mahesh Gopichand Landge, a D Ed student was selected as a teacher in Sindhudurga district , when he went to join there he was badly beaten by locals and was forced to leave the district without joining the duty.

    Now they have taken the matter to court. The court has ordered Sindhudurga ZP to give them teacher jobs in respective schools .When Sindhudurga people are not allowing candidates from Bhandara districts, so why should Bhandara district people tolerate recruitment of Kannadigas and also when deserving candidates are available at local level .

    Repeated attempts to contact education officer (primary) of Bhandara ZP did not prove fruitful as he is in Nagpur to attend a meet with some ministers.

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