Mumbai University students allowed to take dual degrees now-Admission Jankari
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Mumbai University students allowed to take dual degrees now

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Published : 24 Dec, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Good news for all the Mumbai University students as from the next academic year all the Mumbai University students will be allowed to take up two full-time courses at a time. The university’s academic council has approved this dual-degree scheme report that was submitted earlier this month by S K Ukrande, dean of technology. Also, the council has decided to scrap the ordinance that made it compulsory for all engineering students to complete their course in eight years. The council passed the policy on December 21, 2011.  

    “Depending on the eligibility criteria and the conditions, the attendance requirement at both colleges as well as courses and the capability of students, we will allow them to pick up two courses,” said Ukrande. Ukrande, further continued, “Students will have to block their admission in one college, seek a no-objection certificate from the principal and confirm the admission in the second college. These students will not be considered as special cases during exams if their paper overlaps which is why an NOC is a must.”

    As far as the engineering policy is concerned, Ukrande said, “No other faculty has that kind of restrictions over the number of attempts. So we have decided to scrap it for engineering too. It is difficult for the university to get data on the number of students affected by the policy as there are several students in different branches and different years.”

    Meanwhile, the credit-based system which was started for undergraduate courses will be extended to all the post-graduate courses.

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