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Mysore University affiliated leadership programme

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Published : 28 Jul, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • What you need to be a good leader? Leadership, a critical management skill, is to inspire and motivate people. One course that helps students master that skill is the master's programme in development management ( MDM)), a two-year post graduation degree.

    The course addresses the need for trained management professionals to undertake leadership roles in various social development initiatives. Started by Vivekananda Institute of Leadership Development in 2005, the course is recognized by the University of Mysore.

    This is a course for a graduate from any field (arts, commerce, science, engineering, medicine etc) who wants to make a difference in the society by leading or initiating various development activities.

    A candidate, who holds a post-graduate diploma equivalent to, or with any master's degree, is eligible for lateral admission to the third semester.

    A candidate successfully completing the first two semesters can exit the course and will be awarded the post-graduate diploma in development management certificate. "On completing three semesters, the candidate will be awarded an advanced diploma in development management. A post-graduate degree will be awarded through the University of Mysore only on successful completion of all four semesters," said S Sudarshan, director academics and programme, Vivekananda Institute of Leadership Development.

    A successful candidate will find ample opportunities to work with NGOs, trusts, foundations on various development initiatives. They can work on various government-led development projects or seek employment with the corporate social responsibility division.

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