New Aspects of Engineering Course-Admission Jankari
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New Aspects of Engineering Course

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Published : 21 May, 2012 By: Admission Jankari

    Engineering is the most sought- after course among students after they complete  +2.  Apart from its fundamental branches like civil , electrical & mechanical engineering, some new branches have been introduced in it such as computer engineering, information technology, electronics & communication & many more by fragmenting the fundamental branches of engineering.

    Delhi University is offering Engineering course in two institutes namely Delhi Technological University (DTU) & Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT). Shampa Chakraverty, head of computer engineering, NSIT, viewed that elementary areas of engineering have been refurbished with more computerization as computing has encompassed all aspects of engineering.

    She also stated that on account of huge market demands, students are selecting courses on computer engineering, information technology & bio-technology. Branches like computer engineering & electronics & communication have gained huge popularity among engineering aspirants because both of these fields of engineering revolve around modern technology.

    She opined that, India is gradually converting itself into an enlarged software market which comprises a growing talent pool. Moreover, global interdependence between economies has also grown. Apart from that, as most of  the businesses are run on the web, so IT – independent of time & location has also become a necessity. Another reason behind huge popularity of these courses is that , as the number of communities has increased , so the requirements of different applications like Skype, Facebook & many more have also raised. The development of such applications is known as middleware technology which is attracting lots of students. New Age career prospects in engineering include development of middleware technology, website design, electronic design automation, consultancies, embedded systems, etc.

    She further expressed views that, besides all of these, opportunities for enterprise is also another reason behind their growing popularity. People here get scope to start their own ventures after working with an organisation for few years.

    PB Sharma, vice-chancellor of Delhi Technological University (DTU) informed that students are also showing their eagerness in new areas like engineering physics. The aim of B.Tech course in engineering physics is to produce communication technologists, nano-scientists & professionals so that they can contribute towards supporting the growth of the energy sector.  

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