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PGDM courses which is in highly demand

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Published : 12 Feb, 2015 By: AdmissionJankari
  • A Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a passport to some of the most glamorous job profiles of the industry. A boom in the diverse job profiles has increased the demand for trained professionals who can work in different roles, which in turn has given way to the emergence of customized courses to train and up skills a person. finds out about ten such emerging PGDM courses.

    MBA or PGDM is a business Post Graduation which shape candidates in the field of business. In the event that one needs to be an entrepreneur or set up an autonomous endeavor or get into the corporate world in professionally managed organization, MBA or PGDM course is the right decision. The center MBA project incorporates various areas of business, for example Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human resources and operation management.

    Gone are the days when an MBA or a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) was just confined to Marketing, Human Resources and Finance. Most B-schools nowadays offer PGDM courses in a few streams that are modified to the present-day needs of the corporates. These courses, however not affiliated to any college like regular MBA degrees, are decently acknowledged by most organizations and subsequently attract a large number of students. New graduates and working experts can take up these courses. Here is a rundown of developing courses that can prepare students and experts to take up the difficulties in the current business.

    With the rise in demand of MBA and PGDM courses in the nation, there has been an expansion of projects like Information Technology, International Business, International Marketing, Global Operations, Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy, Apparel Management, Banking and Finance, Rural Management, Public Policy and administration and numerous other extraordinary MBA and PGDM programmes.

    1. Public Policy and Management

    This is a course which is thinking that some way or another among the Indian youth. It has come up as an answer for the different issues in confining of arrangements. It helps in handling new difficulties in connection of liberalization, poverty, social exclusion and crisis. It hones the theoretical and analytical skills of public policy producers. Nitin Wahi, Executive Officer, Jindal School of Government and Public Policy of O P Jindal Global University, Haryana says, " For any student who needs to fabricate a firm ground in the whole strategy making process and get prepared in morals, financial matters, governmental issues, public leadership and management, this programme best suits them."

    Assistant Professor S K Tapasvi, Chairperson of Public Policy and Management (PPM), MDI Gurgaon, foresees, "Post Graduate Diploma Program in Public Policy and Management is a developing professional programme in India. The Public Policy and Management specialization is uncommon, as Indian Institutions have not yet understood the significance of this specialization. The lead has been taken by B-schools to begin programs on Public Policy and Management, stressing a coordination of management practices with the needs of acquiring productivity and viability in public organisations."Job profiles- Students can join the improvement and approach area and work in worldwide organisations, bilateral and multilateral associations, function as a free advisor for government and non-administrative associations, even begin their own particular association and can act as academicians, scientists and journalists as well.

    Few B-Schools offering the course- Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore; TERI University, New Delhi; O P Jindal Global University, Haryana; Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon.

    2. International Business

    This course gets ready students with specific skills and information for both large and small organizations in the global business world. This course intends to give managers information, abilities and insight to comprehend the complexities of international business and adapt up to cross-culture and cross-business challenges.

    Job profiles - It offers employment titles like International Account Executive, Banking Services for Exports and Imports, International Business Analyst, Trade Commissioner and others.

    Few B-Schools offering the course- JIMS Kalka ji, Balaji Institute of Management Studies (BIMS), Pune; FORE School of Management, New Delhi; Indian Institute of Commerce and Trade, Lucknow; Amity International Business School, Noida. 

    3. International Marketing

    Globalisation has empowered business firms to internationalize and create an aggressive stage for their products and administrations. A student with a PG Diploma in International Marketing is familiar with learning and aptitudes to comprehend the complexities of international business. Dr Kawal Gill, Course Coordinator (PGDIM), Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, New Delhi says, "We offer PGDIM to give aspirants an exposure in the areas which have quickly gained importance and get to be applicable in the wake of liberalization of Indian economy". Job profiles – International Marketing Manager, International Marketing Consultant, International Business Development Manager, International Business Development Analyst and others.

    Few B-Schools offering the course- Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, New Delhi; Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (XIME), Bangalore.

    4. Information Technology

    IT Management concentrates fundamentally on use of management strategies to enhance the use of IT for the development of business. With the widespread use of PCs in all the fields, there has been developing demand in skilled professionals. Then again, living up to expectations experts are of the perspective that "PGDM/MBA in IT is valuable or increases the value of a leader or some senior engineers in an organization, however for a new B.Tech or B.E graduate the extension is not that high," says Anish Joseph, Technical Staff Engineer, Dsipher Design Solutions, Bangalore.

    Job profiles:- Information Technology Manager, Business Analyst, Network Manager, Computer Information Specialist and others.

    Few B-schools offering this course- MET Institute of Computer Science, Mumbai; Institute of Management Studies, Devi Ahilya University, Indore; Indian Institute of Management (IIM-C) Calcutta, Kolkata; Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research, Pune.

    5. Entrepreneurship Management

    This is a very unique and interesting profession choice for the individuals who wish to attempt a business wander being one's own particular supervisor. This course grooms students to distinguish needs, create vision, take action and work accordingly. To include into it Professor Satya Ranjan Acharya, faculty, PGDM-Business Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Development Institute, Ahmedabad says, "This programme is organized to help aspirants who anticipate dealing with their family business and make another endeavor or need to fill in as an entrepreneurial chief."

    The goal of the course is to develop skills in effectively launching, growing and enhancing a business enterprise in new ranges. It also plans to make entrepreneurial managers for corporate and grow family business successors as venturesome and educated managers of the matter of their ancestors.

    Job profiles - Product Manager, Brand manager, Corporate, Social Entrepreneur among others are some of the careers that a taker of the course can seek after.

    Few B-schools offering this course- Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai; Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore; Entrepreneurship Development Institute, (EDI) Ahmedabad; and Xavier Labor Research Institute, Jamshedpur.

    6. Business Strategy

     This course helps candidates to get into management positions. It shapes the students to manufacture essential method idea which they can actualize in both business and corporate levels. It improves the skill of the students to take essential business choices.

    Job profiles- This course provides job profiles like Strategic Manager, Strategic IT Consultant, Business Analyst and others.

    Few B-Schools offering this course:- Xavier Labour Research Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur; Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Development, Pune.

    7. Operation Management

    Operation administration is a field of specialization which manages changing over the raw materials into final products. This specialization field requests persons with techno-managerial skills who can actualize the procedures, design and control the methodology of the transformation.

    Arun Paul, Associate Professor, Xavier Institute of Management (XIM), Bhubaneswar says, "Operations and its scientific management are key to any business association (whether a bank conveying services or industrial facility producing cellular telephones). A specialization in the subject of Operations Management would help the students to get ready for the whole scope of operation and the degree ranges from key to operational levels."

    Job profiles:- Operation Manager, Warehouse Manager, Forecasting Manager, Chief Operating Officer and others.

    Few B-Schools offering this course:- National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai; Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, Pune; Xavier Institute of Management (XIM), Bhubaneswar.

    8. Apparel Management

    This management course is concerned with the making and management of garments and attire. With the ascent in the region of Fashion Design and Management, this course aims to make experts ready to make and interpret information of materials to better serve the business. This course grooms students for the attire producing industry by in fact preparing them to oversee extensive assembling offices. This is a profession which demands creative, sensitive and scientific innovations and social awareness.

    Job profiles- A person qualified in this domain can get jobs like Textile Designer, Fabric Development Manager, Design Manager, Material Analyst and others.

    Few B-Schools offering this course- Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel International School of Textiles and Management, Tamil Nadu; Institute of Apparel Management, Gurgaon.

    9. Banking and Finance

    This programme is composed in a manner to prepare students to work effectively in diverse parts of banking and finance with appropriate managerial skills. Specialization in Banking and Finance gives learning around the money and strategic management of banks. Students may increase sensible understanding in universal cash benefits that fuse a direct effect on the keeping money track. Amit Srivastava, Vice President, Indian Institute of Financial Planning (IIFP), New Delhi says, "Specific experts in Banking and Finance are considered as best and subsidence confirmation and regularly the best package earners amongst all specializations".

    Job profiles- This course offers jobs of an Investment Banker, Market Risk Manager, Investment and CRM Manager, Credit Analyst and others

    Few B-Schools offering this course- School of Management, NIIT University, Neemrana; Indian Institute of Financial Planning, New Delhi; Apeejay Institute of Technology, School of Management, Uttar Pradesh.

    10. Rural Management

    This programme moulds students to ability as rural chiefs with the heart of a social laborer and brain of a business administrator. It develops among students a sense of admiration for the poor and underprivileged. In this programme, consideration is given to develop the students to work for and with the poor and the minimized.

    Dr Rajshree Verma, Assistant Professor (Department of Rural Management), Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi says, "The essential reasoning behind this project is that student will get information on distinctive rural advancement and learning through testing the hypothetical adapting in a field circumstance amid rustic camps, institutional visits and institutional tour in different parts of the nation and in taking an interest in general field work in local slum areas. The entire methodology is learning, reflecting, applying, testing and theorizing."

    “The whole program is quite intensive and requires the full involvement of the students. Case study along with lectures, problem solving are involved. Students are expected to be fully involved in class rooms and active in the field segments where they can practice or contribute from what they learn in the classrooms” says HS Ganesha, Associate Professor and Programme Co-coordinator (MBARural management), KIIT School of Rural Management, Bhubaneswar.Job profiles- The niche job markets for the programme is the rural and developmental sectors. Agribusiness, NGOs, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) wings of corporate, rural banks like NABARD, Grameen Bank and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), Microfinance organisations and cooperatives and others. Some also get in corporate companies in various functional areas, especially marketing.

    Few B-Schools offering this course- Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi; Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar; Institute of Rural Management Anand, Gujarat; Institute of Rural Management, Jaipur; KIIT School of Rural Management, Bhubaneswar. 


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