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Passport to jobs overseas

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Published : 29 Jul, 2013 By: AdmissionJankari
  • Middle East and North Africa have the maximum share of jobs for postgraduate students from India, reveals a report.

    A Master of arts degree gives students opportunities to not only explore career opportunities in India but also globally. According to data, Middle East and North Africa have the maximum share of jobs that are up for grabs for Indian MA graduates. The US and UK are the other two international locations where MA graduates are most sought-after.

    According to Narayanan Ramaswamy, head of education advisory, KPMG India, foreign companies are increasingly hiring MA graduate students from India because they do not have adequate local manpower. He believes that these foreign companies, while hiring students from India, are on the look-out for basic skills, rather than their degrees or specialisation. PS Rathore, career counsellor, is also of the same opinion. "These countries usually hire students from outside mostly because they don't have adequate trained human resources in their location." Gaurav Pal, CEO, Intelivisto Consulting India Pvt Ltd, opines that there are various skill-specific job roles/functions that are being offered by the foreign companies to Indian MA graduate students. These functional roles include sales and business development, BPO jobs, corporate communications , content development, clerical and secretarial roles, back office operations, customer service, etc. Rathore believes that based on the training provided by the company, MA students then take up specific job roles. They are often seen taking up profiles that are nowhere related to their academic specialisations.

    Experts add that for overseas companies it is economical to hire MA candidates from India and does not burn a hole in their pocket . "If a company based out of UAE is hiring an MA student from India, it has to pay a minimum salary," says Ramaswamy. A regular MA student gets an average of Rs 4000 to Rs 5000 up to Rs 25,000 per month depending on the spectrum of work he or she does.

    According to Rathore, some of the foreign countries face a big challenge in terms of employing people with good communication skills. Therefore, they end up hiring a lot of fresh talent from India, as students are considered to have good communication skills here. Tarun Chandna founder and managing director, Exper Executive Education Pvt Ltd, says that graduates with MA degrees need to have an 'intellectual curiosity' when trying to adjust to a new working environment abroad.

    Given that such graduates have stepped out of their comfort zone, a sense of curiosity would allow one to keep an open mind to new experiences, some of which may be in conflict with their individual value systems or upbringing. "Judging others that live differently does not make their lifestyle or work style better or worse than ours. The ability to appreciate differences closely follows the intellectual curiosity that one needs to thrive in a foreign land. Asking questions and sharing experiences from your own life are wonderful ways to build relationships as well as an understanding of the new environment," advises Chandna.


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