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Perfectionism, ill effects and ways to recover

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Published : 02 Nov, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Perfectionism!!! This is the word which most people today, want to get associated with. In today’s world, everybody wants to be perfect without realizing that nobody in this world can be perfect. Some people get so obsessed with their habit of becoming a perfectionist that they develop neurotic symptoms.

    Perfectionism actually is a belief where one wants to be flawless and complete and wants to be the best to reach the state of ideal. It is a quality where one wants to be perfect. In the terms of philosophy, it is the persistence of will in obtaining quality of mental, physical, spiritual and material being. There are many disadvantages of being into the state of perfectionism which are as follows:

    • Low self-confidence: People who always look forward to be perfect are often low confident. This is because they forget that we are humans who learn to stand on their feet after making several mistakes. We are not perfect and we can never be perfect.
    • A feeling of detest arises: In order to become perfect, which human beings can never be, people start developing a feeling of detest or hatred towards themselves. The reason for it is simple, when one wants to be something but cannot be, the feeling of hatred automatically arises.
    • A feeling of negativity arises: In order to be perfect, people get filled with negativities which act as a disaster for them as their negativities invoke a lack of motivation in them and their overall growth come to a halt.
    • A feeling of guilt arises: In order to become perfect, people try their best not to commit any mistake. But when it does not become possible and they are not able to handle their responsibility properly, a feeling of shame and guilt arises in them which again destroy their confidence.

    These are just the few disadvantages of being into the state of perfectionism. But actually there are many more disadvantages which a person who goes through it experiences it. Therefore, it is very significant for you to come out of this habit of seeing yourself Mr. Perfect or Miss Perfect. Here are some of the ways which can help you do that.

    • Accept yourself the way you are: The first and foremost thing you have to learn is to accept yourself the way you are. You have to understand that every person in this world is unique and so you are. Every person has some good and some bad qualities and this is what makes us humans. We are meat to learn from our mistakes. If we will not commit any mistake, we will not be humans but God. So accept yourself the way you are.
    • Look for improvements not perfectionism: If you want to make yourself better then look for improvements in yourself rather than perfectionism. Try not to commit your previous mistakes but even if you commit them it’s okay. Do not feel de-motivated about it but encourage yourself to try again. To be precise, try to be an improved person and not a perfectionist.
    • Take life easy: One other thing you have to learn to come out of your habit of being a perfectionist is to take life easy. Just remember that you have only one life, so live it and enjoy it as if there is no tomorrow. Forgive yourself and others easily, love yourself, enjoy the fact of being loved by your near ones. If you try to adapt it, life will become fun for you and you will automatically recover.

    In the conclusion, these are some of the ill effects of perfectionism and ways to come out of this disastrous habit of perfectionism. ­­­­­

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