Political lure for JNU seekers-Admission Jankari
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Political lure for JNU seekers

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Published : 23 Jul, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • For the fourth year, uncertainty looms over the fate of student union elections in JNU, but the enthusiasm of student activists remains undiminished. They came out in large numbers on Friday to help admission seekers and woo them under their political fold. They were seen stopping their three-wheelers a kilometre ahead of the admission office and assisting the aspirants in filling up forms.

    Meanwhile, students were relieved to find out that the university administration has introduced a single-window system for admissions this year, making the admission process less cumbersome. Earlier the students had to go through the rigmarole of filling up 12 forms, which has been reduced to four this year.

    "The idea is to make registration and the admission process less time-consuming. All the information related to the shortlisted candidates is in the database. When the student comes for admission, he/she has to fill up the forms, including the one for hostel accommodation. After submitting three forms at the admission office, candidates go to the centre where they will pursue their studies. At the centre, applications are downloaded, final registration is done and the admission process completed," said the vice-chancellor of JNU, S K Sopory.

    Earlier, students had to fill up 12 forms and get them signed from the respective offices such as dean of students, hostel authorities and the centre of studies and libraries, which is now being done at one place. The administration is planning to make the application process online from next year. The students will not only get their results online, but will also have fill up the registration forms online, before coming for the final admission.

    Another good news is that the new hostel, 'Shipra', will become functional by the end of this month. "The original plan was for a co-ed hostel but since more girls are expected, it has been converted into a girls' hostel. It will have 222 rooms," said Sopory.

    The campus was abuzz with activity as various student organizations had set up help desks. The wall of democracy was awash with fresh posters related to international, national and local issues. Unlike the chaos seen in DU, admissions in JNU are a smooth affair. Though student organizations come forward to help juniors with student union elections in mind, it is still great help to aspirants.

    "Unlike in DU where freshers have to run from pillar to post to seek information, here the information comes on a platter," said Chaketi Raju seeking admission in MA political science.

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