Positive thinking makes life better-Admission Jankari
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Positive thinking makes life better

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Published : 01 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • There is a saying, ‘even IMPOSSIBLE says I M POSSIBLE’. The term ‘positive thinking’ is nothing but all about ‘I M POSSIBLE’. There are many people in our life from whom we get negative vibes. This is just because they are full of negativities. These negativities make people lame and make them incapable of the things that they are actually capable of. Negativities make life difficult and on the other hand, positive thinking makes life better.


    There are many advantages of positive thinking. Positive thinking fills you with exuberance and energy. It makes you courageous and you feel confident enough to achieve your goals in life. It is your attitude which determines your life. Positive attitude brings in happiness. Negative attitude brings in sorrow.


    There are many students in their college life or school life who go into depression just because they get low marks in examinations or because they are dumped by their partner. Sometimes this depression becomes so intense that they need the help of a psychiatrist. Sometimes the negativities besiege them so strongly that even a psychiatrist fails and many students commit suicide. It is the negativity in them which force them to take such a horrifying step. You should not feel negative under any circumstances and should always have a ‘never die’ attitude in life. But many students complain that it is not easy to develop this attitude. Here are some of the ways which can help you in developing the ‘never die’ spirit.


    The best way to develop positive thinking is to ‘meditate’. Meditation puts all the anxieties and worries of your mind at rest. It makes your life stable and brings in peace in your mind. Gradually, you tend to become positive which makes you happier and healthier. The other ways are to exercise regularly in the early morning hours as it keeps you fresh and fit. Always keep yourself busy and interact with different people as this will help you to gain confidence.


    To conclude, there is no doubt in saying that ‘positive thinking makes life better.’ Positive attitude brings in joy, health and confidence. On the other hand, negative attitude brings in low confidence, bad health and worries in life. Thus, you should always have the attitude of ‘I can do’. To develop this attitude you should meditate a lot and always keep yourself busy.

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