Recite preamble to Constitution daily in schools, ordains Maharashtra govt-Admission Jankari
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Recite preamble to Constitution daily in schools, ordains Maharashtra govt

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Published : 09 Mar, 2013 By: Admission Jankari

    Soon, it’s going to be compulsory to recite the preamble to Constitution for school children in Maharashtra. The instructions would come into effect from the next academic session and apply to schools of every board and medium. It has been announced through a government resolution wherein it is going to compulsory for the students to read the preamble in the morning assembly.

    Also, now schools ought to print the preamble on school entrances and on boards and walls permanently. They should organize quizzes and competitions on the Constitution’s theme. This is to be implemented to make students grow up well-aware of their constitutional rights and duties.

    This move from the government, however, has been criticized and thumped by some school principles, academicians and activists. They don’t find it making any sense to force such instructions on students. And that they’ll have to just keep reciting the preamble for the sake of reading only sounds illogical. Ultimately, the whole thing is going to fetch nothing, though it could probably make the preamble lose its importance in this way. 

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