Reservation in Colleges Sucks-Admission Jankari
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Reservation in Colleges Sucks

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Published : 04 Jun, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Reservation of seats in colleges for the weaker section of the society is just another sham. It’s a source of making a quick buck for both the authorities and the colleges. It’s a known fact that, if you have the moolah but not the marks, just get a fake lower caste certificate, pay the middleman some money and pesto! you’re in the best college, without the marks. This reservation system brings about a great divide in the society. On one hand we tell that we should believe that all of us are INDIANS. But on the other hand we wedge in this quota and create a divide amongst us. Deserving students are left in the lurch and money-loaded kids saunter in through the collage gates.

    Is it fair that we divide ourselves on the basis of our castes? That’s what the authorities are doing. It’s not wrong to help the weaker sections; set up scholarship programs instead. Open up more creditable institutions, but don’t divide the nation on the basis of caste. Is it a crime to be born into the so called upper caste? It sounds like we are back in the dark ages!

    Tell me, whom would you go for treatment:

    1) A brilliant student who becomes a doctor on merit.

    2) A student who scores pass marks but becomes a doctor; he belonged to the “right caste” and got the admission.

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