Reservation of women- Is it really needed ?-Admission Jankari
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Reservation of women- Is it really needed ?

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Published : 20 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Since the independence of India, the government has taken many measures for the upliftment of women in India. One such measure has always been ‘reservations’. Reservations for women are everywhere whether it is bus, metro, politics or education. But a question always arises, in today’s scenario when women match every step with men and claim their equality with men, is there really a need for these reservations today?

    Perhaps not! The need for women’s reservations was few years back when women really needed some motivation to come out of the shackles of their households. But today, the things are changing. Today, women are getting aware of the importance of their self-identity. Today, women are matching with men everywhere, even in fields like IPS and sports which were considered to be men’s arena some time back. All this tremendous growth of women is certainly not the result of reservations but the right education, increasing awareness and the inner will.

    For example, all the leading female faces of politics today like Sushma Swaraj, Mayawati and Sheila Dikshit are there not because of the reservations but because they had the will and passion to make their career in politics. Therefore, 33% reservation of women in Parliament will not help in increasing the ratio of present 8% as the women who really want to join politics can do so without any reserved seats for them in a democratic country like India. 

    If the reservations for women happen in the same way in future also, it will hamper the growth, not only of men but of women too. This is because the women will get used to this unrequired comfort and will never take initiative to do things on their own or to struggle in life to achieve something. Also, we should not forget that ‘equality’ is always on the basis of ‘merit’ and not ‘reservations’. Moreover, all this system of reservations leaves the deserving candidates behind which is unfair.

    According to Renuka Ray, a former women activist, “When there is a reservation of seats for women, the question of their consideration of general seats, however competent they may be, does not usually arise. We feel that women will get more chances if the consideration is of ability alone."

    In the conclusion, reservations for women are not really needed. Women have adequate capability and ability to come up purely on the basis of merit and not on reservations. Also, women’s reservations do not really help in their upliftment but leave the deserving candidates behind, especially in the field of education. Moreover, reservations are one of the major barriers which makes women’s claim of equality false.

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