Rethinking Management Education with Innovation and Creativity-Admission Jankari
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Rethinking Management Education with Innovation and Creativity

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Published : 04 Nov, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • ‘Rethinking Management Education with Innovation and Creativity’ was the main theme of the one day conference that was organized in Chennai by the Chennai Chapter of Indian Institute of Management - Ahmedabad (IIM-A) Alumni Association and Anna University  jointly on October 29.

    S. Muralidharan, president of IIM-AAA Chennai Chapter, while addressing the press conference, said, “There were over 2,000 institutions in the country offering MBA programmes and in Tamil Nadu there were about 230 engineering colleges and business-schools offering MBA but the standard of education was not known. The sudden change of trends like the recession in the United States and Europe, political turmoil in petro dollar countries, China's economic resurgence, the emergence of newer products and systems call for skill sets in the management graduates relevant to the global environment we live in.” Muralidharan, actually stressed the need to rethink and align the method of teaching according to the requirements of current economy and business.

    Kandaswamy Bharathan, organizing committee chairman, also expressed his views over this and said, “This warrants for an innovative and creative approach in management education.” Quoting Harvard Professor Srikant Datar who was commissioned to write a book in the wake of 2008 U.S. recession, he continued, “Mr. Datar had stated that the three attributes of knowing, doing and being were essential for management education. The art of imparting knowledge was practised fairly well in the business schools but the doing part, that consisted of skill sets, needed revision.”

    Bharathan further added, “Nearly 30 years ago when we studied at IIM-A, communication skill was the most important. Today, it is not enough. Management professionals need emotional intelligence in relation to their subordinates, peers as well as bosses. Now, a leader has to learn how not to complicate relationships.”

    Muralidharan, while stating the purpose of the conference, said, “The objective is simple. Chennai has 110 B-schools. If the college managements, deans and directors can be sensitised, the conference will serve the purpose.”

    However, the vice-chancellor of Anna University, P. Mannar Jawahar, said, “the university (which is all set to manage all engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu shortly) would look at the possibility of revising the MBA curriculum next academic year based on the recommendations of the conference.”

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