Role of education on Fertility and Mortality Behaviour-Admission Jankari
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Role of education on Fertility and Mortality Behaviour

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Published : 13 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Education plays a very important role in every aspect of life. One such aspect of life is fertility and mortality behavior. But before coming the topic let us discuss about ‘what is fertility and mortality behavior?’


    Fertility actually refers to the capability of a woman to produce offsprings and mortality refers to the death which especially happens in a large number. Fertility and mortality behaviour is the behaviour which determines the rate of fertility and mortality.


     Education has a direct link with fertility and mortality. There are many reasons for it. When a woman is educated she gets aware about various things like the disadvantages of having more children socially, biologically and also economically. Also, she gets aware about issues like increasing population. Also, when a woman is educated and starts working she does not have time to care of more children and the factor of money in bringing up the children also comes in. Thus, women education spreads awareness about fertility and affects women’s behavior towards fertility and infant mortality.


    Besides this, fertility and mortality behaviour is also determined by adult education as a whole. It is very important for adults to get educated about the pros and cons of high rate of fertility and infant mortality. Also, males need to get aware about it.


    The fertility and mortality behaviour is very significant when it comes to the growth of the economy. The records show that one of the major reasons of poverty of a country is directly related to the population of a country which entirely depends on your fertility rate. Thus, the right conduct of fertility and mortality behavior is quite significant which depends on the level of awareness you have which again depends on education.


    Though, the people are getting aware about issues like fertility and infant mortality in India but still there is a need to create more awareness, especially among rural and urban rural people. Various educative sessions and seminars should be organized to teach people about the harms of having high fertility rate. Also, efforts should be made regarding the literacy of poor people. This would certainly prove fruitful to eradicate infant mortality from the society.


    To conclude, education does play a major role in fertility and mortality behavior. It spreads awareness among various sections of society and has proved fruitful in reducing the rate of fertility and consequently mortality rates in the society. If worked more in this direction, it will certainly vanish infant mortality from society.

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