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Schools in Tamil Nadu to Be Graded, Criteria Declared

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Published : 04 Mar, 2013 By: Admission Jankari
  • Tamil Nadu government is deciding to grade all the schools in the state on the bases of a bunch of parameters. That would include all 12,500 schools from nursery to higher secondary and grading is to be done on a scale of A to D. This process would follow 10 common parameters altogether.

    The set of criteria includes pupil-teacher ratio, classroom-pupil ratio, qualified teacher rating, teacher's salaries, co-curricular & extra-curricular activities, number and quality of library books, play area, green environment and sophistication, inclusive education and transparency in functioning.

    Since parents will not have to choose a school by believing in what advertisements have to say, this step is going to be highly helpful. The base of grading process would be the data provided by schools in the fee determination questionnaire circulated since 2009. However, this is still to be ensured whether the grading system is to be implemented on public and international schools or not.

    Remarkably, greenery and excellent playground facilities are going to be essential for a school to be rated as good for studies. This step is going to be discouraging for so many parents, though, too. They think their kids will be said to have passed out from a “C” or “D” grade school despite of securing top marks in board exams.

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