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Scope of MBA in HR

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Published : 08 Nov, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Before coming on the topic, ‘Scope of MBA in HR’, let us understand what exactly means by ‘MBA in HR’? Human Resource (HR) is the most important part of any organization. The reason is that there is a need to deal with humans and mange humans in every organization.

    There are many responsibilities of an HR in an organization like recruiting new employees, dealing with labor disputes, training employees, compensation policies, benefit programs, union and labor relations. If you feel you have skills of managing people, negotiation, leadership skills, communication skills and a logical approach towards things then MBA in HR is meant for you. In your B-school you will be taught various aspects of HR like how to build solid foundation of people in an organization, by managing them, delegating their duties and keeping them in harmony.

    Now as far as the scope is concerned, doing MBA in HR has a huge scope these days. This is because the employees of an organization which are also considered the assets of a company come from different backgrounds and cultures. Thus, it is very important to keep them happy and satisfied which only an HR professional can do. Perhaps, that is why, the number of HR managers being recruited in India is increasing significantly. It would interest you to know that Dell recently hired an HR manager just to make sure that its employees are happy.

    Now if we talk about the salary structure of an MBA in HR, it solely depends on two things, the institute from which you are pursuing MBA in HR and the talent and potential that you have. However, if you do it from one of the most reputed colleges in India, you are likely to earn Rs 6 lakh to 12 lakh per annum at the initial stage, Rs 18 lakh to 35 lakh per annum at mid stage with some experience and Rs 40 lakh to 1 crore at senior level with loads of experience.

    Thus, the scope of MBA in HR is huge these days. You just need to have the right aptitude and skills for it. Also, if you do it from some premier institute, your limit of success would be the sky.

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