Severe shortage of faculty at RU forces departments to close PhD courses-Admission Jankari
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Severe shortage of faculty at RU forces departments to close PhD courses

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Published : 12 Oct, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • The shortage of faculty members at Rajasthan University (RU) has forced some of its departments to hold PhD entrance test now. Many of the departments like the Centre for Mass Communication and other departments of commerce and management have even closed the PhD programme.

    This has left many students disappointed as they have to look for private universities now which take atleast thrice the money more than any government university. Sameksha Kasliwal, a student who has recently taken admission in a private university has shelled out money five times more than she would have given in RU.

    Kasliwal, expresses her anger over the situation and says, “It is very frustrating that despite high scores in preceding exams I have to enroll in a private university.”

    The university officials have expressed their helplessness and said that they have no alternative until the ongoing recruitment process is completed.

    If the shortage of faculty will continue in the same way in future also, the chances are there of closing down more programmes of various departments which will tarnish the reputation of RU in research and development.

    As far as the departments which are offering the programme are concerned, it has not been easy for them also. This is because while the demand for the course is increasing, the number of seats is getting reduced. For instance, the department of sociology has just three teachers and is short of four teachers. Due to this, the department has reduced the number of seats to almost half.  

    The head of department of Sociology, Prof. Rajiv Gupta, has suggested, “Students should be encouraged to take up interdisciplinary and interdepartmental research programmes.”

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