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Should Group Discussion be eliminated from placement process?

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Published : 17 Oct, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • These days, with lot of focus on Group Discussion and Personal Interview (GDPI) for admission into various programmes, especially MBA, a debate is burning out that whether Group Discussion should be eliminated from placement process.


    Many reasons are being given in favour of mass elimination of GD. For instance, it has been said that GDs do not let a candidate’s actual caliber to come out as everybody just focus on keeping himself/herself forward with their arguments due to which many times a little shy person with adequate technical knowledge lags behind. It has also been said that a person’s true talent, whether it is technical knowledge or communication skills, etc, come out in Personal Interview (PI) so there is, as such, no need for GDs to be conducted.


    I believe that GDs should not be removed from the placement process. The reason is simple, today, soft skills hold more importance than hard or technical skills. Today, soft skills like communication skills, language, optimism and various other personality traits are of immense importance. GDs help recruiters in judging a candidate’s various aspects of soft skills. GDs help recruiters in understanding various things like the self-confidence of a candidate, his/her way of tackling difficult situations, understanding of concepts, knowledge of current affairs, ability of listening to others, ability of presenting his/her arguments in a better way, leadership qualities and most importantly ability of working in a team.


    GDs are important not only because of a candidate’s admission into a reputed college but also because GDs prove to be very helpful when a person goes to work in an organization. This is because, in professional field one actually comes across such difficult situations where you need a lot of brain storming and a person who is strong enough to face such circumstances survives and goes a long way and a person who fails to come up with his/her presence of mind in such situations generally fails.


    It also brings us to the point again that how important soft skills are in today’s world. Candidates with all these soft skills tend to perform better even if they are slightly weak in technical skills. This is because, one’s technical skills are futile if one does not have the capability of presenting those skills in an efficient manner.     


     To conclude, Group Discussions should not be eliminated from placement process. Infact, it should be a very important aspect of placement process. The reason is simple, GDs showcase the soft skills of a candidate which is of utmost importance these days. Also, GDs are important not only from the point of view of admission in a particular college but also from a futuristic point of view as one needs to do a lot of brain storming when one steps in professional field. A person good in Group Discussions, that is, soft skills, tends to do a lot better than the people with bad or no soft skills at all.

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