Should dance bars be banned in India?-Admission Jankari
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Should dance bars be banned in India?

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Published : 26 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Before coming on the debate, ‘should dance bars be banned in India?’ let us understand what exactly the culture of dance bars in India is. The concept of dance bars in India, actually, is quite different from that of western countries. In India, the bar girls dance in proper attires in front of male audience in exchange of some cash. Physical contact of any type is not allowed between the bar girls and the male audience. The bar girls generally engage in this profession because of their helplessness of poverty and the responsibility of running their families. Many of the bar girls are the sole bread earners of their families.

    Keeping this view in mind, dance bars should not be banned in India as banning dance bars would mean snatching the one and only income source from these poor women. Let me give you an example, when on July 22, 2005, Maharashtra government adopted a bill of banning dance bars all over the state; this left many bar girls in major misery. While many bar girls were forced to go to Dubai to continue with their profession, many started doing mujras and many even involved themselves into the profession of prostitution. Thus, banning dance bars made the situation even worse.

    But if we look at a broader level, such dancing clubs which undermine the self-respect of a woman should certainly be banned. Any of the respectable families of India never allow the women of their families to even visit such dance bars. Then why should these women go there, just because they belong to poor families? This is, indeed, abominable and unfair. Keeping such views in mind, dance bars should certainly be banned.

    But, there are also other reasons due to which these night clubs should be closed. One of major reason is the allegations on these bars and bar girls of morally corrupting the society. These night bars are often vehemently critcised for corrupting the society, particularly, the younger generation. All such activities have adverse affects on the youth as they tend to incline towards the wrong path. Also, the allegations are put on the bar girls that they exploit males, trick them and have money.

    Seeing all these issues also, the dance bars should be banned, provided, the bar girls are given some rehabilitation. The government must take care that all these women are given a respectable job with the help of which they can earn a living for themselves and their families. If this does not happens it will make the situation worse for those poor women as was happened in Maharashtra in 2005.

    In the conclusion, dance bars should be banned in India. The reasons are many. All these bars undermine the self-respect of women. Women should be seen with respect and not lust. Also, such dance bars make the society morally corrupt and incline the youth towards a wrong path which is unacceptable. Thus, the dance bars should certainly be banned, provided, the bar girls are given proper rehabilitation.

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