Should youth of our country go into politics?-Admission Jankari
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Should youth of our country go into politics?

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Published : 23 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • The youth of a country is always considered as the future of that country. Youth is a path which leads us towards freshness and gives us a new way of thinking. The political structure of India is filled with old thoughts, old beliefs and old way of working. Also, the various corruption scandals in the last one year show that how all these politicians are eating India from inside. A major change is needed in Indian politics. This change can be brought only by the young and passionate youth of our nation. Thus, the youth of our country should certainly step into politics.

    But the major problem with our country is that 90% of the youth never want to choose politics as career option. Many of the young people never even go to vote which is an abominable situation. Everybody just wants to flee the country and wants to earn in dollars. Nobody is bothered about the growth and prosperity of their own country. The situation is very well depicted in the movie, “Rang De Basanti”. Many youngsters get often get motivated by such movies. But unfortunately this motivation does not last for long. Perhaps, this is the reason why our country is one of the most corrupted countries of the world today and is being eaten up by the politicians ruthlessly.

    But this cannot work for long. The situation needs to be changed. This need for change has somewhere felt by the politicians like Rahul Gandhi also. Perhaps, that is why he always tries to motivate youth to indulge in politics. Also, he (Rahul Gandhi) himself is a fine example of a politician who with his young mind and thoughts tries to reform the political structure of India. One other example of young and intelligent Indian politician is Sachin Pilot who became youngest Member of Parliament (MP) at the age of 26. A need is there for many more such young Sachin Pilots in Indian Politics.

    To conclude, the youngsters of India should certainly indulge in politics. They should fulfill their duty of being the citizens of India. With the fresh ideas, new way of thinking and zest; the youth has the capability of changing the entire political structure for the betterment of the nation.

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