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Smart security

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Published : 01 Aug, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Ramjas College of Delhi University (DU) is ready to set a benchmark for all other DU colleges as far as security of its students is concerned. The college has come up with an idea of providing digital smart-cards to its students, which will allow them entry into the college gate.
        Rajendra Prasad, principal, Ramjas College says, “We have introduced these digital cards to ensure students’ safety. With the cards in place, students need not verify their identity to security guards each time they enter. This step will also bring down students interactions with security guard’s to a negligible amount.”
        However, there is no such set-up for exiting the college gate. The digital card is required to be used only while entering the premises. According to Prasad, the rationale is, since students would be allowed inside only on using their smart-card, which will act as verification, they do not need to use it for exit again.
        There would be two educated guards still deployed at the college gate in the case of parents or people with appointments visiting the college. In such a scenario, these guards will note their information in the visitors register and allow them entry. These smart-cards however, will not be given to the teaching and non-teaching staff of the college as guards would be familiar with them.
        Apart from the college, the hostel premises too, will have the facility of entry through digital cards. The college and hostel cards would be separate from each other. As soon as a
    student uses the card in the hostel gate, complete information about that student (name, course, roll number, room number etc) will get stored in a computer housed with the hostel warden. This way, the warden would be able to keep a
    track of students.
        “As of now, we have decided that the warden will monitor student’s information on the computer, but later, we might appoint a clerk to do this job,” says Prasad.
        In another effort to ensure safety of students, the college has upgraded its CCTV surveillance in the hostel premises with night vision camera and audio facility. According to Prasad this step would help prevent ragging. There are already 34 CCTV cameras in total, at the main gate, library, hostel and cafeteria, respectively.
        The CCTV cameras in the hostel are placed in the corridors and not in any of the rooms. Besides, these cameras are not monitored 24/7.
        “If at all any incident like ragging or harassment occurs in the hostel, the time it occurred would be checked and verified by the staff against the footage and strict action will then be taken against the culprit,” informs Prasad.
        The digital cards are already available with the college and have been distributed to students last month.
    34 CCTV cameras in total
    Introduction of CCTV cameras with night vision and audio facility
    Cameras installed in corridors; none inside any hostel room

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